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Linphone open-source voip software - video sip phone, voip phone | Jitsi
XMPP server at
Ekiga ~ Free Your Speech
Twinkle - SIP softphone for Linux
Zfone Project Home Page
Home page for Zfone, Phil Zimmermann's Secure VoIP project.
doubango - open source 3GPP IMS/LTE framework for embedded systems
A state of the art, easy to use SIP client | Blink
GitHub - theintencity/rtmplite: Flash RTMP server and SIP-RTMP gateway in Python
GNU Telephony |
Open Source Communications Software | Asterisk Official Site
Asterisk Guru - Tutorials and howto's for the asterisk PBX and voip in general | Communication Consolidation
openSIPS | Main / HomePage
skypeopensource GitHub
X-Lite SIP Softphone: The Best Free VoIP Software Phone Client | CounterPath
Zoiper - Free VoIP SIP softphone dialer with voice, video and instant messaging :: Zoiper
Free softphones for Windows, MAC, CE, LINUX