Source code for sqlconvert.process_mysql

from sqlparse.sql import Comment
from sqlparse import tokens as T
from .process_tokens import escape_strings

def _is_directive_token(token):
    if isinstance(token, Comment):
        subtokens = token.tokens
        if subtokens:
            comment = subtokens[0]
            if comment.ttype is T.Comment.Multiline and \
                return True
    return False

[docs]def is_directive_statement(statement): tokens = statement.tokens if not _is_directive_token(tokens[0]): return False if tokens[-1].ttype is not T.Punctuation or tokens[-1].value != ';': return False for token in tokens[1:-1]: if token.ttype not in (T.Newline, T.Whitespace): return False return True
[docs]def remove_directive_tokens(statement): """Remove /*! directives */ from the first-level""" new_tokens = [] for token in statement.tokens: if _is_directive_token(token): continue new_tokens.append(token) statement.tokens = new_tokens
[docs]def requote_names(token_list): """Remove backticks, quote non-lowercase identifiers""" for token in token_list.flatten(): if token.ttype is T.Name: value = token.value if (value[0] == "`") and (value[-1] == "`"): value = value[1:-1] if value.islower(): token.normalized = token.value = value else: token.normalized = token.value = '"%s"' % value
[docs]def unescape_strings(token_list): """Unescape strings""" for token in token_list.flatten(): if token.ttype is T.String.Single: value = token.value for orig, repl in ( ('\\"', '"'), ("\\'", "'"), ("''", "'"), ('\\b', '\b'), ('\\n', '\n'), ('\\r', '\r'), ('\\t', '\t'), ('\\\032', '\032'), ('\\\\', '\\'), ): value = value.replace(orig, repl) token.normalized = token.value = value
[docs]def process_statement(statement, quoting_style='sqlite'): remove_directive_tokens(statement) requote_names(statement) unescape_strings(statement) escape_strings(statement, quoting_style)