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Please DO NOT bookmark this page. Bookmark the main page instead. Any other page in the hierarchy can be renamed, moved or removed at any time. - the original XMPP instant messaging service - Общение для всех
JRuDevels >> Jabber Russian Developers
Мир Jabber
JabberON - свободное общение - Главная
xmpppy: the jabber python project - A Python Jabber library
Gajim, a Jabber/XMPP client
Pidgin, the universal chat client
Wire · Secure messenger
Hosted.IM - Create and personalise your instant messaging solution
Signal >> Home
ICQ с обменом сообщениями - The Simple Messaging and Identity Management Protocol
Tox - A New Kind of Instant Messaging
Rocket.Chat - Free, Open Source, Enterprise Team Chat
Home |
Riot. Break through.
Internet Relay Chat Help
IRC Networks
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) -
Awesome IRC logs by [o__o]
OFTC - Home
EFnet - The Original IRC Network
SILC - Secure Internet Live Conferencing
The DALnet IRC Network
Rizon Chat Network
Глобальная российская IRC-сеть
Official site of IRC Network RusNet
:: - welcome to the undernet IRC network