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Welcome to
The History of Python
Planet Python
Who is GvR?
Pythoneers -- Python Users Links
Welcome | OWASP Python Security Project
PyPI - the Python Package Index : Python Package Index
PyPI Download Stats
Top PyPI Packages: A weekly dump of the 5,000 most-downloaded packages from PyPI
(C)Python test resources
How To Code in Python: A DigitalOcean eBook
See also
Learn Python (Programming Tutorial for Beginners)
Introduction · A Byte of Python
Python Bibliotheca
How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python
Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist
Non-Programmer's Tutorial for Python 2.6 - Wikibooks, open books for an open world
The Python Challenge
Python Module of the Week - Python Module of the Week
The Python Grimoire - The Tao of Mac
Simon Brunning's Python stuff
Python Eggs
Welcome to Python for you and me — Python for you and me documentation
Welcome to Python cheatsheet! — pysheeet
Python Weekly: A Free, Weekly Python E-mail Newsletter
Pycoder's Weekly | A Weekly Python E-Mail Newsletter
Import Python Weekly Newsletter. Subscribe Now.
Awesome Python
setuptools : Python Package Index
pip — pip documentation
Virtualenv — virtualenv documentation
virtualenvwrapper — virtualenvwrapper documentation
Contents — PyScaffold documentation
Python Wheels
GitHub - paylogic/pip-accel: pip-accel: Accelerator for pip, the Python package manager
GitHub - paylogic/py2deb: Python to Debian package converter
GitHub - astraw/stdeb: produce Debian packages from Python packages
Home · urban48/debpackager Wiki · GitHub
debpackager - cli tool used for creating debian packages
Conda — Conda documentation
conda-forge | community driven packaging for conda
Docutils: Documentation Utilities
was and
Doxygen: Main Page
Natural Docs
HappyDoc Source Documentation
PyCQA / flake8 · GitLab
pyflakes : Python Package Index
pycodestyle’s documentation — pycodestyle documentation
was pep8
pydocstyle’s documentation — pydocstyle 1.0.0 documentation
GitHub - google/yapf: A formatter for Python files
yapf - A formatter for Python files
PyChecker: a python source code checking tool
Index (
also logilab.{com,fr}
Pylint - code analysis for Python |
Winpdb - A Platform Independent Python Debugger
Winpdb is a platform independent GPL Python debugger with support for multiple threads, namespace modification, embedded debugging, encrypted communication and is up to 20 times faster than pdb.
antocuni / pdb++ — Bitbucket
The IDEs of Python — BeeWare
Pydb - Extended Python Debugger
PuDB - Andreas Klöckner's wiki
See also
six : Python Package Index
Python 2 and 3 compatibility utilities
GitHub - haypo/sixer: Add Python 3 support to Python 2 applications using the six module.
GitHub - limodou/2to6: Porting python 2 source code to python 3 and compatible with six module
Easy, clean, reliable Python 2/3 compatibility — Python-Future documentation
modernize : Python Package Index
A hack on top of 2to3 for modernizing code for hybrid codebases.
pyupgrade · PyPI
GitHub - nvbn/py-backwards: Python to python compiler that allows you to use Python 3.6 features in older versions.
Python 3 Wall of Superpowers
Can I use Python 3?
Python 3 Readiness - Python 3 support table for most popular Python packages
The Conservative Python 3 Porting Guide — Conservative Python 3 Porting Guide documentation
py3c: Python 2/3 compatibility layer for C extensions — py3c 0.7 documentation
Welcome to the Python RPM Porting Guide — Python RPM Porting Guide 0.1 documentation
Asyncio Documentation — Asyncio Documentation 0.0 documentation
GitHub - naftaliharris/tauthon: Fork of Python 2.7 with new syntax, builtins, and libraries backported from Python 3.
GitHub - nascheme/ppython: Pragmatic Python
The Jython Project
JyNI – Jython Native Interface — JyNI Project Homepage
JPE - the Java-Python extension
GitHub - jpype-project/jpype: JPype is an effort to allow python programs full access to java class libraries.
GitHub - ninia/jep: Embed Python in Java
Embed Python in Java
GitHub - natural/java2python: Simple but effective library to translate Java source code to Python.
Welcome to Py4J — Py4J
Kivy: Cross-platform Python Framework for NUI Development
Includes Python-for-Andriod
GitHub - kuri65536/python-for-android: Automatically exported from
QPython - Python on Android
GitHub - inclement/Pyonic-interpreter: A Python interpreter for Android.
PyS60 |
PyMaemo — PyMaemo
Python for Symbian OS
Lightning Python
PythonD 32bit Python for DOS and Windows
tinypy :: home
Jack's Macintosh software
Pippy: Python for the Palm
Python ports for QNX4 and QNX6 |
Welcome to PyInstaller official website — PyInstaller
PyUpdater - Pyinstaller Auto-Update Framework
GitHub - jamesabel/osnap
pynsist — pynsist documentation
FrontPage -
py2app - Create standalone Mac OS X applications with Python — py2app documentation
stackless-dev / stackless / wiki / Home — Bitbucket
Eventlet Networking Library
What is gevent? — gevent documentation
Coding Patterns for Python Extensions — Python Extension Patterns 0.1.0 documentation
Cython: C-Extensions for Python
PyPy - Welcome to PyPy
CFFI documentation — CFFI documentation
The Pyston Blog
pyston - Pyston is a new, open-source Python implementation using JIT techniques, being developed by Dropbox.
Psyco - Home Page
Python-to-i386 compiler
Greg Ewing's Home Page
Pyrex; Plex; PyGUI
Shed Skin — An experimental (restricted-Python)-to-C++ compiler PyEmbedC - Project Web Hosting - Open Source Software
Seamless operability between C++11 and Python · GitHub
Nuitka Home | Nuitka Home
GitHub - grumpyhome/grumpy: Grumpy is a Python to Go source code transcompiler and runtime.
unladen-swallow - A faster implementation of Python - Google Code Archive
GitHub - serge-sans-paille/pythran: a claimless python to c++ converter
python to c++ converter
Numexpr Users Guide · pydata/numexpr Wiki · GitHub
Numba — Numba
HotPy (2) virtual machine is a high-performance virtual machine for Python
QuickStart — llvmpy
mypy - Optional Static Typing for Python
Pyre · A performant type-checker for Python 3
GitHub - google/pytype: A static analyzer for Python code
PyCXX: Write Python Extensions in C++
GitHub - p-i-/PiCxx: C++ library for extending or embedding Python
An express way to extend Python! — expy documentation
PyInline: Mix Other Languages directly Inline with your Python
Python To C Module Generator |
PyBindGen in Launchpad
Fredrik Lundh,;
Python Imaging Library;
squeeze; Tkinter
Welcome to the XIST documentation! — XIST documentation
Divmod in Launchpad
lxml - Processing XML and HTML with Python
pytest: helps you write better programs — pytest documentation
Welcome to Read the Docs — pylib latest documentation
Welcome to the tox automation project — tox documentation
repo at
hpk42 — Bitbucket
metaprogramming and politics | Decentralize. Take the red pill.
ReportLab open-source PDF Toolkit -
was reportlab(s).org;
PDF generator in Python;
pyRXP - Python wrapper for RXP, a very fast validating XML parser;
PythonPoint - converts XML slide-show to PDF
PythonReports software
pxdom: stand-alone pure-Python DOM Core/XML/Load/Save implementation;
pxtl: implementations of the Python XML Templating Language;
form: extended replacement for the standard CGI module;
beforesmtp: a trival POP/IMAP-before-SMTP daemon;
slogan: an interactive HTTPD log analyser;
zipstream: ZIP file I/O without loading the entire file into memory;
gifWriter: a slow but optimal GIF saver;
riscospath: RISC OS-style path manipulation
RDFLib · GitHub
Python Web Services
ZSI, Zolera SOAP Infrastructure
Python SOAP |
Andrew M. Kuchling
aka, was
Cryptography toolkit; GPG module; jwzthreading; Medusa; Perfect Hashing; Photo Gallery; SANE module;;;;;;;;
What's New in Python series
Oedipus Project
Numerical Python —
NumPy - Numerical Python;
IPython - Interactive Python
Scipy Lecture Notes — Scipy lecture notes
Welcome to PyTable’s documentation! — PyTables documentation
Home - the bpython interpreter
Jupyter and the future of IPython — IPython
Welcome to DreamPie! Products: Python
Chris Gonnerman's Projects Home Page
gdmodule; WConIO; alternative Readline; - password file management module for Unix/Linux/BSD systems;
ULPR - universal printing client for Unix/Linux;
GINSU - file chopper/reassembler with automatic features
UNC Python Tools
IPy : Python Package Index
GitHub - google/ipaddr-py: Google's Python IP address manipulation library
netaddr - network address manipulation, done Pythonically
dnspython home page
PyDNS: DNS module for Python
Alcyone Systems
PLY (Python Lex-Yacc)
GitHub - pyga/parsley
GitHub - erezsh/lark: A modern parsing library for Python, implementing Earley & LALR(1) and an easy interface
GitHub - erikrose/parsimonious: The fastest pure-Python PEG parser I can muster
GitHub - neogeny/TatSu: 竜 TatSu generates Python parsers from grammars in a variation of EBNF
pyPEG – a PEG Parser-Interpreter in Python
GitHub - moreati/ppeg: A Python port of Lua's LPeg pattern matching library
lrparsing - An LR(1) parser with a pythonic interface
D Parser Homepage
pyparsing >> home
Esrapy - Parsing in Python
SimpleParse 2.1
Parser generator for mxTextTools
compilers which you thought are impossible
bridgekeeper - a Perl to Python source code converter;
New version of Decompyle;
python-managesieve - a protocol for remotely managing sieve scripts;
python-shellwords - parse a string into words like a POSIX shell does.
Amit's Python Stuff
PyMeta in Launchpad
uncompyle6 : Python Package Index
Python cross-version byte-code decompiler
Welcome to Paramiko! — Paramiko documentation
paramiko: ssh2 protocol for python
M2Crypto : Python Package Index
pyOpenSSL - Python interface to the OpenSSL library
Python OpenSSL Wrappers |
Python Cryptographic Toolkit |
CryptoPy |
python-mcrypt |
PyNaCl: Python binding to the libsodium library — PyNaCl documentation
Welcome to pyca/cryptography — Cryptography documentation
Welcome to PyCryptodome’s documentation — PyCryptodome documentation
PyCrypto - The Python Cryptography Toolkit
PycURL Home Page
Requests: HTTP for Humans — Requests documentation
Optik: Python command-line parsing library
PyGecko Home
PythonCard Home Page
PyWord/pyprime Homepage - PyWord and pyprime
PyMedia - Python module for avi, mp3, dvd, wma, ogg processing - pymedia
The Python X Library
PLWM: The Pointless Window Manager
Pyro - Python Remote Objects - Pyro documentation
RPyC - Transparent, Symmetric Distributed Computing — RPyC
NeuroKode Studios: Python Database Objects(PDO)
Python Object Sharing (POSH) - POSIX IPC for Python - Semaphores, Shared Memory and Message Queues
python-ipc module
GitHub - pyserial/pyserial: Python serial port access library
Python serial port access library
uspp - ibarona
RestrictedPython : Python Package Index
GitHub - edx/codejail: Secure code execution
Safe Expression Evaluation « Python recipes « ActiveState Code
"Safe" Eval « Python recipes « ActiveState Code
Restricted "safe" eval « Python recipes « ActiveState Code
safer serialization of simple python types « Python recipes « ActiveState Code
safer serialization of simple python types, part two « Python recipes « ActiveState Code
pysandbox : Python Package Index
GitHub - matsjoyce/sandypython: Turn your python interpreter into a desert
GitHub - jribbens/unsafe: Experiments in execution of untrusted Python code
GitHub - jonathanslenders/python-prompt-toolkit: Library for building powerful interactive command lines in Python
python-prompt-toolkit - Library for building powerful interactive command lines in Python
lfm - Last File Manager
See also
Ian Ward's Blog -
urwid - curses-based UI/Widget library;
templayer - layered HTML/CGI template module;
mkzip - generate zip files on the fly.
Welcome to asciimatics’s documentation! — asciimatics documentation
GitHub - pfalcon/picotui: Lightweight, pure-Python Text User Interface widget toolkit with minimal dependencies. Dedicated to MicroPython.
Pythex: a Python regular expression editor
Cameron Laird's personal notes on Python A web page template processor
Thomas Starship Pages
ctypes - an extension module to create and manipulate complicated C-data types directly in Python;
Python-powered search engine
Neil Schemenauer
Quixote; SCGI
Gustavo Niemeyer, aka, Smart Package Manager - Multi-system package management tool with smart algorithms.
Storm Object-Relational Mapper - Nice integration layer between Python objects and relational databases.
Geohash - Algorithm and web service to encode latitude/longitude pairs in a compact form.
python-dateutil - Many interesting extensions to the standard Python date/time support.
Mocker - Graceful platform for test doubles in Python (mocks, stubs, fakes, and dummies).
python-constraint - Python module to handle Constraint Solving Problems.
python-nicefloat - Algorithm to pretty-print binary floating-point numbers.
Lunatic Python - Two-way interpreter bridge between Python and Lua.
letterbot - Extensible mail request handling infrastructure.
editmoin - Program for editing moin pages with standard editors.
IRSS - Plugin to turn parts of any normal moin page in RSS feeds.
python-otp - Module offering complete support for one-time passwords.
remv - Tool to rename files with the help of regular expressions.
metaconf - Tool to manage multiple configurations on a single machine.
pybot - Full featured bot for information management in IRC channels.
patcher - Tool to control changes to a source tree against a pristine version.
xchat-python - Python bindings for xchat, now part of xchat 2.0+ itself.
python-mcrypt - Comprehensive python interface for the mcrypt library.
python-mhash - Python interface for the mhash library.
python-bz2 - Python bindings for the bz2 compression library, now intergrated into Python itself.
libservices - Simple C library for handling the services registry.
gpsbabel-gtm - Fork of GPSBabel adding support for GTM binary files, now integrated into GPSBabel itself.
svn2bzr - Tool to convert Subversion repositories into Bazaar 2.0 repositories.
Muller's World - Mike Muller's homepage
DoPy - Distribted Objects in Python;
PyESD - Python EsounD Wrapper;
The grunt preprocessor
Jon's Python modules
Python modules provide simple yet powerful multi-threaded object-oriented CGI/FastCGI/html-templating facilities
asynchttp - Asynconronous HTTP Client
matplotlib: python plotting — Matplotlib documentation
dnslook - Python extension module for common DNS lookups, name qualification and IP address packing;
python-cdb - D. J. Bernstein's cdb library adapted as a python extension module
Spread Module
Python FAM
Interface to the File Alteration Monitor for Python
The Python Ministry of Silly Scripting
shicks - POP3/SMTP server;
Obfuscated Python; Quine
methods: Software Home Page
AsciiDoc is a text document format for writing articles, books, manuals and UNIX man pages;
Connect is a generic connection manager for use in situations requiring management of multiple, heterogeneous, connection oriented resources;
DocIndexer is a toolkit for indexing and searching document directories, uses Lupy;
Mailresponder allows users to manage their own auto-replies and mail forwarding via an easy to use GUI;
command-line utilities: mailextract, mailfiles, zcrypt
PyLab: A place to release Python tools |
Python page Richard Gruet @
Python Quick Reference;
OmniORBpy utilities; - Asynchronous function calls utility; - (Yet Another getopt) Parse command line arguments - Simple process management; - VB/Delphi/Corba-style Properties in Python; - Functions for transfering arbitrary sized data in a distributed (client/server) environment; - Global (inter-process) mutex on Windows and Unix; - Resource pool management; - Representation of an e-mail. Used by and; - Utilities for reading IMAP mail; - Utilities for reading POP3 mail; - Script for forwarding IMAP or POP mail
pMock: a mock object library for Python
pyglet / pyglet / wiki / Home — Bitbucket
Pyglet is a cross-platform multimedia library written in pure Python. It uses built-in operating system facilities on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows to provide windowing, drawing, event handling and so on.
mchaput / whoosh / wiki / Home — Bitbucket
Whoosh is a fast, featureful full-text indexing and searching library implemented in pure Python
PEAK - The Python Enterprise Application Kit
setuptools; EasyInstall
dr Beat(li) - Python
mailgate, mailconf and maild; smtpd proxy;
dyndns (update IP for,,, and GnuDIP);
syslogd; timed
Free Software
Mailman, Jython, Mimelib, fvwm python module,
patch downloader for Solaris and CDE, HTML generator,
Piers Lauder Python
Python for Windows Extensions download |
Python Extension Packages for Windows - Christoph Gohlke
PyBookReader: Новости
Python Tutor - Visualize Python, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, C, and C++ code execution
Python Publishing Accessories
qps/ppa - engine for custom content management systems; see newer version at and;
ip2cc - lookup country country by IP address; - adapting Python DB API 2 modules to have single style for parameters definition; - defines class that will be useful for iterating sequences in templates; - simple script to run cron jobs and alert if it fails; - real-time log parser
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