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NOSQL Databases
memcached - a distributed memory object caching system
Python Memcache Module –, ltd.
pylibmc - Python client for memcached — pylibmc documentation
MemcacheDB: A distributed key-value storage system designed for persistent
GoodFORM: Free and Open Redis Modules
GitHub - andymccurdy/redis-py: Redis Python Client
GitHub - seppo0010/rlite: self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional redis-compatible database engine. rlite is to Redis what SQLite is to SQL.
SSDB - A high performance NoSQL database supporting many data structures, an alternative to Redis
GitHub - deslum/cssdbpy: Fastest SSDB client written on Cython. Production ready
RocksDB | A persistent key-value store | RocksDB
python-rocksdb PyPI
FoundationDB | Home
RethinkDB: the open-source database for the realtime web
sophia - modern transactional key-value/row storage library.
GitHub - coleifer/sophy: Fast Python bindings to Sophia Database