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PostgreSQL: The world's most advanced open source database
PostgreSQL BuildFarm
Planet PostgreSQL
pgPedia - a PostgreSQL Encyclopedia
pgAdmin: PostgreSQL administration and management tools
PGXN: PostgreSQL Extension Network
OpenFTS: Open Source Full Text Search Engine
PyFTS Python interface to OpenFTS
Barman Backup & recovery for PostgreSQL
pgFoundry: Welcome
PgBouncer - lightweight connection pooler for PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL Auditing Extension | PGAudit
pgBackRest - Reliable PostgreSQL Backup & Restore
PostgreSQL + Python | Psycopg
Stickpeople Project: win-psycopg
Welcome to PyGreSQL — PyGreSQL documentation
python-pgsql : Python Package Index
pg_chameleon, MySQL to PostgreSQL replica system
MySQL Tutorial - Learn MySQL Fast, Easy and Fun.
Multi-Master Replication Manager for MySQL [MMM for MySQL Wiki] - Supporting continuity and open collaboration
WebScaleSQL | "We're Gonna Need A Bigger Database"
MySQL Connector/Python in Launchpad
oursql in Launchpad
SQLite Home Page
DB Browser for SQLite
GitHub - ghaering/pysqlite: Python DB-API module for SQLite 3.
GitHub - rogerbinns/apsw: Another Python SQLite wrapper
Firebird: The true open source database for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and more
KInterbasDB Project Home Page
GitHub - nakagami/pyfirebirdsql: Python DBAPI module for FirebirdSQL
DuckDB - An embeddable SQL OLAP database management system
Anthony Tuininga's Starship Page
Home - Object Craft
GadflyB5: SQL Relational Database in Python
Python SQL Database Access System |
PyDal - Python database abstraction layer.
xsdbXML documentation index
Ezy Migrate |
Database Converter |
GitHub - jiangwen365/pypyodbc: A pure Python Cross Platform ODBC interface module
GitHub - mkleehammer/pyodbc: Python ODBC bridge
iODBC Driver Manager:
GitHub - blue-yonder/turbodbc: Turbodbc is a Python module to access relational databases via the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) interface. The module complies with the Python Database API Specification 2.0.
SQLObject — SQLObject documentation
SQLAlchemy - The Database Toolkit for Python
peewee — peewee documentation
Python Mini ORM | Code Science
Orator - An ActiveRecord ORM for Python
firstworks: SQL Relay - sqlrelay persistent database connection pool pooling proxy load balance balancing odbc oracle mysql msql postgresql sybase db2 interbase sqlite access c++ perl DBD DBI python php PDO ruby tcl java jni unix linux persistant
dbtcp-python |
libdbi homepage