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The Trac Project
Trac Hacks - Plugins Macros etc.
Roundup Issue Tracker - Roundup documentation
Home - Pagure
Code, test, and deploy together with GitLab open source git repo management software | GitLab
GitPrep - Github clone. you can install portable github system into unix/linux.
Gogs - Go Git Service - a painless self-hosted Git service
Gitea Free code hosting
Overview - Redmine
Bugs Everywhere
RT: Request Tracker - Best Practical Solutions
GitHub - dim/retrospectiva: Open source, web-based agile project management, featuring: Goal planner, Story management, Issue-tracker, Code review, SCM Integration, Wiki & Blog. It is intended to assist the collaborative aspect of work carried out by software development teams.
Gerrit Code Review - index.html
Take the pain out of code review | Review Board
GitHub - jensl/critic: Critic code review system.
FusionForge: Добро пожаловать