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Package Managers
Babun - a windows shell you will love!
Cmder | Console Emulator
ConEmu - Handy Windows Terminal
Cygwin Ports
Home · bmatzelle/gow Wiki · GitHub
Native Win32 ports of some GNU utilities
PW32 the Posix-over-Win32 layer
Unix-like Utilities for Windows
ezwinports download |
win-bash - bash port for Windows
WinZsh - Z shell for Windows
rdesktop: A Remote Desktop Protocol Client
PPTP Client
Poptop - Open Source PPTP Server
XLive CD
PDCurses - Public Domain Curses
Ext2read - View ext2/3/4 partitions from Windows
Ext2fsd -
Ext2 IFS For Windows - EXT2 IFS For Windows NT
Anti-virus information and software
Inno Setup
ISTool |
Far Manager Official Site : главная
Total Commander - home
WinSock Development Information
About Net Services
Computer Tyme Downloads - Network Utilities