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Firmware for routers Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.
Welcome to | Devuan GNU+Linux Free Operating System
Without Systemd
Artix Linux
Debian -- The Universal Operating System
Debian Backports
Liquorix Kernel
Debian Mozilla team APT archive
Deb Multimedia Packages::Home
The Debian Administrator's Handbook
Debian Administration - Debian Administration Resources
Debian Admin | Debian/Ubuntu Linux System Administration Tutorials,Howtos,Tips
GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide
debianHELP | Militantly FREE software support.
Добро пожаловать! - Debian Help
The leading operating system for PCs, IoT devices, servers and the cloud | Ubuntu
Kubuntu | Friendly Computing
Xubuntu V2 - Software for Ubuntu Linux - Welcome
AlmaLinux - Forever-Free Enterprise-Grade Operating System
The world's open source leader | Red Hat
United RPMS
RPM Fusion - RPM Fusion
The Slackware Linux Project
Slax Linux - your pocket operating system
musl libc
Welcome – Gentoo Linux
Knoppix Linux Boot CD, Download Disk and Documents, Discuss, Get Help
GoboLinux - the alternative Linux distribution
Lunar Linux | It's out of this world!
News - Source Mage GNU/Linux
KUSP: Kernel/User Systems Programming — KUSP: Kernel/User Systems Programming v0.9.1 documentation
The Linux kernel preemption project
Real time scheduler Home Page
High Resolution Timers Home Page
Xenomai – Real-time framework for Linux
Welcome to the Real Time Linux Foundation Web Site
RTAI - the RealTime Application Interface for Linux - Homepage