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Please DO NOT bookmark this page. Bookmark the main page instead. Any other page in the hierarchy can be renamed, moved or removed at any time. — Web Browser Security Checklist for Identity Theft Protection
Certificate Transparency
Qualys SSL Labs
SSL Decoder
Hardenize: Making web site security easy and fun
SSL Cipher Suites Supported By Your Browser
How's My SSL? - Strong Ciphers for Apache, nginx and Lighttpd
Let's Encrypt - Free SSL/TLS Certificates
Lets Encrypt Simple Client @
Welcome to
The Monkeysphere Project
Certificate Watch Firefox security add-on – do you trust the padlocks?
enable cross-origin resource sharing
Cookie Clearinghouse | Cookie Clearinghouse
Do Not Track - Universal Web Tracking Opt Out
OpenPGP.js | OpenPGP JavaScript Implementation
Hawkpost - Submit your content securely