Исходный код m_librarian.db

#! /usr/bin/env python

from __future__ import print_function
import os

from sqlobject import SQLObject, StringCol, UnicodeCol, IntCol, BoolCol, \
    ForeignKey, DateCol, DatabaseIndex, RelatedJoin, \
    connectionForURI, sqlhub, SQLObjectNotFound, dberrors

from .compat import string_type
from .config import get_config

__all__ = ['Author', 'Book', 'Extension', 'Genre', 'Language',
           'AuthorBook', 'BookGenre', 'open_db', 'init_db',
           'insert_name', 'insert_author', 'update_counters',

[документация]class Author(SQLObject): surname = UnicodeCol(notNull=True) name = UnicodeCol(notNull=True) misc_name = UnicodeCol(notNull=True) count = IntCol(notNull=True) books = RelatedJoin('Book', otherColumn='book_id', intermediateTable='author_book', createRelatedTable=False) @property def fullname(self): fullnames = filter(None, (self.surname, self.name, self.misc_name)) return ' '.join(fullnames) full_name_idx = DatabaseIndex(surname, name, misc_name, unique=True) count_idx = DatabaseIndex(count)
[документация]class AuthorBook(SQLObject): class sqlmeta: table = "author_book" author = ForeignKey('Author', notNull=True, cascade=True) book = ForeignKey('Book', notNull=True, cascade=True) author_idx = DatabaseIndex(author) book_idx = DatabaseIndex(book) main_idx = DatabaseIndex(author, book, unique=True)
[документация]class Book(SQLObject): authors = RelatedJoin('Author', intermediateTable='author_book', createRelatedTable=False) genres = RelatedJoin('Genre', intermediateTable='book_genre', createRelatedTable=False) title = UnicodeCol(notNull=True) series = UnicodeCol(notNull=True) ser_no = IntCol() archive = StringCol(notNull=True) file = UnicodeCol(notNull=True) size = IntCol(notNull=True) lib_id = StringCol(notNull=True) deleted = BoolCol(notNull=True) extension = ForeignKey('Extension', notNull=True) date = DateCol(notNull=True) language = ForeignKey('Language') title_idx = DatabaseIndex(title) series_idx = DatabaseIndex(series) ser_no_idx = DatabaseIndex(ser_no) archive_idx = DatabaseIndex(archive) archive_file_idx = DatabaseIndex(archive, file, unique=True) file_idx = DatabaseIndex(file) size_idx = DatabaseIndex(size) deleted_idx = DatabaseIndex(deleted) extension_idx = DatabaseIndex(extension) date_idx = DatabaseIndex(date) language_idx = DatabaseIndex(language) @property def author1(self): return self.authors[0].fullname @property def author_list(self): return u', '.join([a.fullname for a in self.authors]) @property def genre1name(self): return self.genres[0].name @property def genre1title(self): return self.genres[0].title @property def genre_name_list(self): return u', '.join([g.name for g in self.genres]) @property def genre_title_list(self): return u', '.join([g.title for g in self.genres]) @property def ext(self): return self.extension.name @property def lang(self): return self.language.name
[документация]class BookGenre(SQLObject): class sqlmeta: table = "book_genre" book = ForeignKey('Book', notNull=True, cascade=True) genre = ForeignKey('Genre', notNull=True, cascade=True) book_idx = DatabaseIndex(book) genre_idx = DatabaseIndex(genre) main_idx = DatabaseIndex(book, genre, unique=True)
[документация]class Extension(SQLObject): name = UnicodeCol(notNull=True, unique=True) count = IntCol(notNull=True) count_idx = DatabaseIndex(count)
[документация]class Genre(SQLObject): name = UnicodeCol(notNull=True, unique=True) title = UnicodeCol(notNull=True) count = IntCol(notNull=True) books = RelatedJoin('Book', otherColumn='book_id', intermediateTable='book_genre', createRelatedTable=False) title_idx = DatabaseIndex(title) count_idx = DatabaseIndex(count)
[документация]class Language(SQLObject): name = UnicodeCol(notNull=True, unique=True) count = IntCol(notNull=True) count_idx = DatabaseIndex(count)
def _find_sqlite_db_dirs_posix(): db_dirs = [] if 'XDG_CACHE_HOME' in os.environ: db_dirs.append(os.environ['XDG_CACHE_HOME']) home_cache = os.path.expanduser('~/.cache') if home_cache not in db_dirs: db_dirs.append(home_cache) return db_dirs def find_sqlite_db_dirs(): if os.name == 'posix': return _find_sqlite_db_dirs_posix() raise OSError("Unknow OS") def find_sqlite_dburi(db_dirs=None): if db_dirs is None: db_dirs = find_sqlite_db_dirs() for d in db_dirs: db_file = os.path.join(d, 'm_librarian.sqlite') if os.path.exists(db_file): break else: # octal; -rw-------; # make the database file/directory readable/writeable only by the user os.umask(0o66) db_dir = db_dirs[0] try: os.makedirs(db_dir) except OSError: # Perhaps already exists pass db_file = os.path.join(db_dir, 'm_librarian.sqlite') return 'sqlite://%s' % db_file.replace(os.sep, '/')
[документация]def open_db(db_uri=None): if db_uri is None: db_uri = get_config().get('database', 'URI') or find_sqlite_dburi() if '://' not in db_uri: db_uri = 'sqlite://' + os.path.abspath(db_uri).replace(os.sep, '/') sqlhub.processConnection = connection = connectionForURI(db_uri) if connection.dbName == 'sqlite': def lower(s): if isinstance(s, string_type): return s.lower() return s sqlite = connection.module class MLConnection(sqlite.Connection): def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): super(MLConnection, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs) self.create_function('lower', 1, lower) # This hack must be done at the very beginning, before the first query connection._connOptions['factory'] = MLConnection # Speedup SQLite connection connection.query("PRAGMA synchronous=OFF") connection.query("PRAGMA count_changes=OFF") connection.query("PRAGMA journal_mode=MEMORY") connection.query("PRAGMA temp_store=MEMORY")
[документация]def init_db(): try: Book.select()[0] except IndexError: # Table exists but is empty return except dberrors.Error: for table in Author, Extension, Genre, Language, Book, \ AuthorBook, BookGenre: table.createTable() else: return
[документация]def insert_name(table, name, **kw): try: return table.byName(name) except SQLObjectNotFound: return table(name=name, count=0, **kw)
[документация]def insert_author(surname, name, misc_name): try: return Author.full_name_idx.get( surname=surname, name=name, misc_name=misc_name) except SQLObjectNotFound: return Author(surname=surname, name=name, misc_name=misc_name, count=0)
[документация]def update_counters(pbar_cb=None): if pbar_cb: count = 0 for table in Author, Extension, Genre, Language: count += table.select().count() pbar_cb.set_max(count) if pbar_cb: count = 0 for author in Author.select(): author.count = AuthorBook.select(AuthorBook.q.author == author).count() if pbar_cb: count += 1 pbar_cb.display(count) for ext in Extension.select(): ext.count = Book.select(Book.q.extension == ext.id).count() if pbar_cb: count += 1 pbar_cb.display(count) for genre in Genre.select(): genre.count = BookGenre.select(BookGenre.q.genre == genre).count() if pbar_cb: count += 1 pbar_cb.display(count) for language in Language.select(): language.count = Book.select(Book.q.language == language.id).count() if pbar_cb: count += 1 pbar_cb.display(count) if pbar_cb: pbar_cb.close()
def test(): db_dirs = find_sqlite_db_dirs() print("DB dirs:", db_dirs) print("DB URI:", find_sqlite_dburi()) if __name__ == '__main__': test()