My name is Oleg Broytman... or not

Well, my name is not "Oleg Broytman", it is " ", but "Oleg Broytman" is the way I prefer to do transliteration (romanization).

There are many ways to perform transliteration, slightly incompatible in many small details.

Because of that I have many papers with different transliterations: "Oleg Broitman", "Oleg Brojtman" or "Oleg Broytman", depending on the standards of the organization that issued the papers.

Also there was a period when I was using "Oleg Broytmann" (double "nn") as the transliteration. Most of my bank cards were issued during that period, so I still carry that transliteration with me.

The correct pronunciation for "Oleg Broytman" is [ol'Eg br'Oytman].

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