Installation using pip


sudo pip install m_librarian

User mode

pip install --user m_librarian

Virtual envs

pip install m_librarian

Progress bar

To allow to display progress bar the program requires library m_lib. You can install the library separately using, e.g., command pip install m_lib. Or you can install the library with m_librarian: pip install m_librarian[pbar].

Other extras

pip install m_librarian[web] installs libraries needed for web-ui.

pip install m_librarian[wx] installs a library needed for wx GUI (wxPython). Should work for non-Linux platforms, but for Linux wxPython should be installed separately either using system package manager, or from , or using conda:

conda create -n wx27 python=2.7 wxpython
conda activate wx27

Python 2.7 is used here just an example, the librarin works with any Python version, 2.7 and 3.4+.

Installation from sources

To install the library from sources system-wide run run the following command:

sudo python install

If you don’t want to install it system-wide you can install it in your home directory; run run the following command:

python install --user

Option ‘–user’ installs m_librarian into $HOME/.local/lib/python$MAJOR.$MINOR/site-packages/ where python finds it automatically. It also installs m_librarian scripts into $HOME/.local/bin; add the directory to your $PATH or move the scripts to a directory in your $PATH.