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On SQL objects and parse

(Русская версия этого текста.)

Somewhere around 2004 the chief software architect and senior developer of a project I was involved in decided to use SQLObject ORM. SQLObject was at version 0.2 at that time, so I obviously started to send bug reports and feature requests. At version 0.3 I started to send patches. At version 0.4 in 2004 I got commit access (Subversion at that time), at version 0.5 I became a developer, and after version 0.6 the original author (Ian Bicking) left the project allowing me no choice but become the lead developer and release manager.

Now in 2016 I am still the one.

It was a long preface, and here is the main part of the story: recently (in the middle of 2016) I started to use sqlparse; the project is at version 0.2 and I already started to send bug reports and patches...

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