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" User configuration file for Vi IMproved
" Text version here
" Generated by gvim :runtime syntax/2html.vim
" A number of scripts mentioned in the file are available here.
" User configuration file for Vi IMproved.
" vim 6.0+ required, 7.0+ recommended.

" 1 important

" Remove ALL autocommands in case the file is sourced for the second time

language messages C " Print messages in English

if exists("b:wrap") " Only do this on the second and subsequent :source's
   let fenc = &fileencoding
   let ftype = &filetype
   let mod = &modified
   set all& " Reset all options, except terminal options, to their default value.
   execute 'set fileencoding=' . fenc
   execute 'set filetype=' . ftype
   if mod
      set modified
      set nomodified
   unlet fenc ftype mod

elseif filereadable($VIMRUNTIME . "/defaults.vim")
   unlet! skip_defaults_vim
   source $VIMRUNTIME/defaults.vim

" No, it is not VI, it is VIM! It is important to set this first, because this
" command resets many other options.
set nocompatible

" Set behavior to xterm, not mswin
behave xterm

" 2 moving around, searching and patterns

set ignorecase    " Ignore case in search patterns
set noincsearch   " No incremental searching
set smartcase     " Match 'word' case-insensitive and 'Word' case-sensitive

set nostartofline " Keep cursor's column
set whichwrap=b,s,h,l,<,>,[,],~ " Wrap to the previous/next line on all keys and ~ command

" 4 displaying text

set display=lastline,uhex " Show the last line instead of '@'; show non-printable chars as <hex>

" Do not set it here, it breaks initial screen drawing and cursor positioning.
" See SetLazyRedraw at the end of the script.
" set lazyredraw  " Do not update screen while executing macros

set list          " listchars only works with 'list'
" Show tabs, non-breaking/trailing spaces, long lines
set listchars=tab:>_,nbsp:_,trail:_,extends:+,precedes:+
" Another usefull additions: eol:$,space:_
set scrolloff=0 " number of screen lines to show around the cursor
set wrap          " Visually wrap long lines

" With 'set wrap' wrap long lines at a character in 'breakat'
" Please note 'nolist' is required to use 'linebreak'
set linebreak showbreak=+\ " A plus and a space

set sidescroll=1  " The minimal number of columns to scroll horizontally

" 5 highlighting

colorscheme phd
set nohlsearch    " Stop the search highlighting

" 6 multiple windows

set hidden        " Don't unload a buffer when no longer shown in a window; allow to switch between buffers/windows when the buffer is modified
set laststatus=2  " Always show status line
" set statusline=%<%f\ %h%m%r%=%-14.(%l,%c%V%)\ %P " Default statusline

set splitbelow    " A new window is put below of the current one
set splitright    " A new window is put right of the current one

" 8 terminal

set ttyfast       " terminal connection is fast

set title         " Set title to the value of 'titlestring' or to 'filename - VIM'
set titleold=     " string to restore the title to when exiting Vim
" String to use for the Vim window title; with statusline printf items.
" This is the default:
" display filename, modification flag, full path, and program name in uppercase.
" set titlestring=%t%(\ %M%)%(\ (%{substitute(expand(\"%:p:h\"),\ $HOME,\ \"~\",\ \"\")})%)%(\ %a%)\ -\ %{toupper(v:progname)}
" display filename, modification flag, full path, argument list status,
" the current user, host and program name (to distinguish vim/view/etc).
set titlestring=%t%(\ %M%)%(\ (%{substitute(expand(\"%:p:h\"),\ $HOME,\ \"~\",\ \"\")})%)%(\ %a%)\ -\ %{v:progname}\ [%{$USER}@%{hostname()}]

" 9 using the mouse

if has('mouse')
   set mouse=ar      " Use mouse in all modes, plus hit-return

" 12 messages and info

set ruler         " Show cursor position below each window
set showcmd       " Show (partial) command keys in the status line
set visualbell    " Use visual bell instead of beeping
if v:version >= 800
   set belloff=error,insertmode " Do not ring the bell for these reasons

" Short message for [Modified];
" overwrite message for writing a file with subsequent message;
" truncate long file messages
set shortmess=mot

" 14 editing text

set backspace=indent,eol,start
set complete+=k   " Scan spell dictionaries for completion in addition to standard places
set infercase     " adjust case of a keyword completion match
set nojoinspaces  " Do not insert two spaces after a '.', '?' and '!' with a join command
set nrformats=hex " I seldom edit octal numbers, but very often dates like 2001-02-01

" Default value 'croql' is a compromise for both natural and programming
" languages, but as any compromise it works good for neither natural nor
" programming languages. This value is good for natural texts,
" let ftplugins to set values suitable for programming languages.
set formatoptions=2t " list of flags that tell how automatic formatting works

" 15 tabs and indenting

set expandtab     " expand <Tab> to spaces in Insert mode
set shiftwidth=3  " number of spaces used for each step of (auto)indent
set smarttab      " a <Tab> in an indent inserts 'shiftwidth' spaces
set softtabstop=3 " number of spaces to insert for a <Tab>

set noautoindent  " Do not automatically set the indent of a new line

" 18 mapping

set timeout timeoutlen=3000 ttimeoutlen=100 " allow timing out up to 3 seconds halfway into a mapping; 100 ms to wait for a key code or mapped key sequence to complete

" 19 reading and writing files
if v:version >= 703
   set cryptmethod=blowfish " encryption method for file writing: zip or blowfish

" 20 the swap file

let myUndoDir = expand('~/tmp/vim/undo')
if !isdirectory(myUndoDir)
    " Create dirs
    call mkdir(myUndoDir, 'p')

" list of directories for the swap file; remove . (the current directory)
if has("win32")
   set directory=~/tmp/vim//,$TEMP//,c:/tmp//,c:/temp//
   set directory=~/tmp/vim//,~/tmp//,/var/tmp//,/tmp//
" if a directory ends in two path separators "//"
" or "\\", the swap file name will be built from the complete path to
" the file with all path separators substituted to percent '%' signs.
" This will ensure file name uniqueness in the preserve directory.

" 21 command line editing

set history=1000  " how many command lines are remembered
set suffixes+=.pyc,.pyo " list of file name extensions that have a lower priority
set wildignore+=*.py[co] " Ignore these patterns when completing file names
set wildmenu      " command-line completion shows a list of matches
set wildmode=longest,list:longest,full " Bash-vim completion behavior

" Keep undo history across sessions by storing it in a file
if has('persistent_undo')
    let &undodir = myUndoDir
    set undofile

" 22 executing external commands

if has("filterpipe")
   set noshelltemp " Use pipes on Unix

" 25 multi-byte characters

" Automatically detected character encodings
set fileencodings=ucs-bom,us-ascii,utf-8,koi8-r,cp1251,cp866,latin1

" 26 various

" ! - when included, save and restore global variables that start
"     with an uppercase letter, and don't contain a lowercase letter;
" h - disable the effect of 'hlsearch';
" ' - number of files for which the marks are remembered;
" " and < - maximum number of lines saved for a register;
" s - maximum size of an item in Kbytes.
set viminfo=!,h,'50
if version < 603
   set viminfo+=\"1000
   set viminfo+=<1000,s10

" c - convert viminfo to the current encoding;
if has("iconv")
   set viminfo+=c

" Removable media paths
if has("win32")
   set viminfo+=ra:,rb:

" ----------

if has("gui_running")
   set background=light

   if has("win32")
      "set guifont=Courier_New:h18:cRUSSIAN
      set guifont=Lucida_Console:h18:cRUSSIAN
   elseif has("x11")
      set guifont=Monospace\ 18
      set toolbar=icons,text " how to show the toolbar

   set guicursor+=n:block " Block cursor in normal mode
   set guicursor+=i:ver10 " Solid vertical bar in insert mode
   set guicursor+=a:blinkon0 " Stop cursor blinking

   " Make shift-insert work like in Xterm
   " map <S-Insert> <MiddleMouse>
   " map! <S-Insert> <MiddleMouse>

   " ----------
   " From

   " Arrows should go into wrapped lines, but not while popup menu is visible
   imap <expr> <Down> pumvisible() ? "<Down>" : "<C-O>gj"
   imap <expr> <Up> pumvisible() ? "<Up>" : "<C-O>gk"

   " The <CR> key should select from completion menu without adding a newline
   imap <expr> <CR> pumvisible() ? "<C-Y>" : "<CR>"
   " ----------

   if (&term =~ "linux") || (&term =~ "cygwin") || (&term =~ "putty")
         \ || ($BACKGROUND == 'DARK') || ($BACKGROUND == 'dark')
         \ || has("win32")
      " Background of the terminal is black or dark grey
      set background=dark
      set background=light

   if (&term =~ "linux")
      execute 'set t_kb=' . nr2char(127)

   if (&term =~ "rxvt") || (&term =~ "screen") || (&term =~ "term") || (&term =~ "vt100")
      execute 'set t_kb=' . nr2char(127)

      if has ("terminfo")
         " set t_Co=256
         set t_Co=16
         set t_Co=8
         set t_Sf="\e[3%dm"
         set t_Sb="\e[4%dm"

      " KP_Up -> Up
      map <Esc>Ox <Esc>OA
      map! <Esc>Ox <Esc>OA
      " KP_Down -> Down
      map <Esc>Or <Esc>OB
      map! <Esc>Or <Esc>OB
      " KP_Right -> Right
      map <Esc>Ov <Esc>OC
      map! <Esc>Ov <Esc>OC
      " KP_Left -> Left
      map <Esc>Ot <Esc>OD
      map! <Esc>Ot <Esc>OD
      " KP_Home -> Home
      map <Esc>Ow <Esc>[7~
      map! <Esc>Ow <Esc>[7~
      " KP_End -> End
      map <Esc>Oq <Esc>[8~
      map! <Esc>Oq <Esc>[8~
      " KP_Prev (PgDn) and KP_Next (PgUp) work fine, no mapping is required

      " 'autoselect' to always put selected text on the clipboard;
      " 'unnamed' to use the * register like unnamed register '*'
      " for all yank, delete and put operations;
      " This allows to use mouse for copy/paste in local xterm,
      " but prevents to save the unnamed register between sessions.
      " set clipboard=autoselect,unnamed,exclude:cons\|linux

      " Use xclip to copy/paste to/from X clipboard at remote host
      " vmap "+y :!xclip -i -sel clip
      " map "+p :r!xclip -o -sel clip
      " Enable X11Forwarding and use ssh -X or even -Y

   if (&term =~ "screen")
      set ttymouse=xterm2 " Enable mouse codes under screen/tmux
      if empty(&t_ts)
         " Enable window title under screen/tmux
         let &t_ts = "\e]2;"
         let &t_fs = "\007"

   function! WrapForScreenTmux(s)
      if (&term =~ "screen")
         let scr_start = "\<Esc>P"
         let scr_end = "\<Esc>\\"

         return scr_start . a:s . scr_end

      if exists('$TMUX')
         let tmux_start = "\<Esc>Ptmux;"
         let tmux_end = "\<Esc>\\"

         return tmux_start . substitute(a:s, "\<Esc>", "\<Esc>\<Esc>", 'g') . tmux_end

      return a:s

   let &t_EI.=WrapForScreenTmux("\e[2 q") "EI = NORMAL mode (ELSE)
   let &t_SI.=WrapForScreenTmux("\e[6 q") "SI = INSERT mode
   if v:version >= 800
      let &t_SR.=WrapForScreenTmux("\e[4 q") "SR = REPLACE mode

   "Cursor settings:
   "  1 -> blinking block
   "  2 -> solid block 
   "  3 -> blinking underscore
   "  4 -> solid underscore
   "  5 -> blinking vertical bar
   "  6 -> solid vertical bar

" Multiline comments often confuse vim syntax highlighting - these maps
" allow to resynchronize; the first is faster, the second is more thorough
nmap \sc :syntax sync clear<Enter>
nmap \ss :syntax sync fromstart<Enter>


" Enable filetype detection
filetype plugin indent on

runtime macros/matchit.vim

" Reread me after editing
autocmd BufWritePost ~/.vimrc source ~/.vimrc | syntax on

if version >= 700
" Save all files before running any quickfix command (grep, makeprg, etc.)
autocmd QuickFixCmdPre * wall
" automatically close quickfix if it's the only window left
autocmd WinEnter * if winnr('$') == 1 &&
   \ index(["nofile", "quickfix"], &buftype) >= 0 | quit | endif

" Syntax highlighting
autocmd BufReadPost * syntax on

" Restore last known cursor position
function! RestorePosition()
   if exists('b:position_restored')

   if line("'\"") > 0
      call cursor(line("'\""), col("'\""))
   let b:position_restored = 1

" When editing a file, always jump to the last cursor position (if saved)
autocmd BufReadPost * call RestorePosition()

function! SetupEncoding(encoding)
   if !has("iconv") || exists('b:encoding_set') || empty(a:encoding)

   call RestorePosition()
   let b:encoding_set = 1
   if !empty(expand('%'))
      execute "edit ++enc=" . a:encoding

" From

augroup gpg
" Remove ALL autocommands for the current group.
autocmd BufReadPre,FileReadPre *.gpg set viminfo=
autocmd BufReadPre,FileReadPre *.gpg setlocal noswapfile
autocmd BufReadPost *.gpg :%!gpg -q -d
autocmd BufReadPost *.gpg | redraw
autocmd BufWritePre *.gpg :%!gpg --default-recipient-self -q -e -a
autocmd BufWritePost *.gpg u
autocmd VimLeave *.gpg :!clear
" For OpenSSL:
" BufReadPost: use "openssl bf -d -a"
" BufWritePre: use "openssl bf -salt -a"
augroup END

function! SetWrap()
   setlocal wrap
   map <Up> gk
   imap <Up> <C-O>gk
   map <Down> gj
   imap <Down> <C-O>gj
   let b:wrap = 1

function! SetNoWrap()
   setlocal nowrap
   map <Up> k
   map <Down> j
   let b:wrap = 0

command! SetWrap call SetWrap()
command! SetNoWrap call SetNoWrap()

" b:wrap can be set by an ftplugin
autocmd BufReadPost * if !exists("b:wrap") | call SetWrap() | endif


" Do not unindent #-comment
inoremap # X<C-H>#

" map <C-A> <Home>
" map <C-E> <End>
" map <C-Z> :shell<CR>

if version >= 700

let s:URL_re="\\v(((https?|ftp|gopher|telnet)://|(mailto|file|news|about|ed2k|irc|sip|magnet):)[^' \t<>\"]+|(www|web|w3)[a-z0-9_-]*\\.[a-z0-9._-]+\\.[^' \t<>\"]+)[a-z0-9/]\\c"

function! ExtractURL()
   let line = getline('.')
   let parts = split(line, s:URL_re . '\zs')

   if empty(parts)
      throw 'ExtractURLCannotFindURL' " No URL found

   let length = 0
   let column = col('.')

   for p in parts
      let save_length = length
      let length += len(p)
      if length >= column

   let pos = match(p, s:URL_re)
   if pos == -1
      throw 'ExtractURLCannotFindURL' " No URL found

   if save_length + pos >= column " cursor left of the URL
      throw 'ExtractURLCannotFindURL'

   return strpart(p, pos)

function! EscapeURL(url)
   let url = substitute(a:url, ' ', '%20', 'g')
   return escape(url, '!#$%')

function! OpenURL(url, newwin)
   execute "!webbrowser " . a:newwin . " '" . EscapeURL(a:url) . "'"

function! ExtractOpenURL(newwin)
      let url = ExtractURL()
   catch /^ExtractURLCannotFindURL$/
      echoerr 'No URL found under cursor'

   call OpenURL(url, a:newwin)

function! EncodeOpenURL(url, newwin)
   execute "!webbrowser-encode-url " . a:newwin . " '" . EscapeURL(a:url) . "'"

" Send current link to a browser
nmap \b :call ExtractOpenURL('')<CR>
nmap \w :call ExtractOpenURL('-n')<CR>
nmap \t :call ExtractOpenURL('-t')<CR>
nmap \p :call ExtractOpenURL('-p')<CR>
" Send visual block to a browser
vmap \b ""y:call OpenURL('<C-R>"', '')<CR>
vmap \w ""y:call OpenURL('<C-R>"', '-n')<CR>
vmap \t ""y:call OpenURL('<C-R>"', '-t')<CR>
vmap \p ""y:call OpenURL('<C-R>"', '-p')<CR>
" Encode and send visual block to a browser
vmap \B ""y:call EncodeOpenURL('<C-R>"', '')<CR>
vmap \W ""y:call EncodeOpenURL('<C-R>"', '-n')<CR>
vmap \T ""y:call EncodeOpenURL('<C-R>"', '-t')<CR>
" Send current file's name to a browser
nmap \B :call EncodeOpenURL('file:' . expand("%:p"), '')<CR>
nmap \W :call EncodeOpenURL('file:' . expand("%:p"), '-n')<CR>
nmap \T :call EncodeOpenURL('file:' . expand("%:p"), '-t')<CR>

endif " version >= 700


if has("spell") " Works in 7.0+
   " Use builtin spellchecker
   nmap \sv :syntax off <BAR> setlocal spell<CR>
   " Clear
   nmap \sn :syntax on <BAR> setlocal nospell<CR>

" Russian letters mapped in normal mode
"if has("keymap")
"   set keymap=russian-jcuken

if has("langmap")
   if v:version >= 702
      " langmap in utf-8 mode requires at least Vim 7.2.109
      scriptencoding utf-8
      set langmap=<91>`<81>~йq<86>w<83>eкrеtнyгu<88>i<89>oзp<85>[<8a>]<84>a<8b>sвdаfпg<80>hоjлkдlж\\;<8d>'

   elseif &encoding != 'utf-8'
      scriptencoding koi8-r
      set langmap=`~qwertyuiop[]asdfghjkl\\;'

   scriptencoding us-ascii

if version >= 700
function! W()
   " let encodings=filter(split(&fileencodings, ','), 'v:val != "ucs-bom"')
   let encodings = ['us-ascii']
   if $LC_CTYPE =~ 'UTF-8' " UTF-8 or en_US.UTF-8 or ru_RU.UTF-8 or such
      let encodings += ['utf-8']
   elseif $LC_CTYPE == 'ru_RU.KOI8-R'
      let encodings += ['koi8-r', 'utf-8']
   elseif v:lc_time == 'Russian_Russia.1251'
      let encodings += ['cp1251', 'utf-8']

   for e in encodings
         execute 'set fileencoding=' . e
      catch /E513: [Ww]rite error, conversion failed/

   if &modified
      throw '"' . expand('%') . '" E513: Write error, conversion failed; tried ' . join(encodings, ',')
   elseif has("spell")
      call SetupSpell()

command! W call W()

function! SlowTerm()
   set laststatus=1
   set noruler
   set shortmess=aoOtT
   set noshowcmd
   set scrolljump=5 " The minimal number of lines to scroll vertically when the cursor gets of the screen
   set sidescroll=5
   set nottyfast
   set notitle
   set timeoutlen=5000
   set nowildmenu
   set wildmode=list:longest
   set viminfo=!,h,'10,<100,s5
   if has("iconv")
      set viminfo+=c
   syntax off
   highlight NonText cterm=NONE ctermfg=NONE

if exists("$SLOWTERM")
   call SlowTerm()

if has("python")
pyfile ~/.vim/python/

if has("python3")
py3file ~/.vim/python/

" From Tip 212:

if executable('chmod')
   function! SetExecutableBit(x)
      " Avoid 'Reload Y/N?' question
      autocmd FileChangedShell <buffer> call _BufChangedCB()
      let fx = executable(expand("%:p"))
      if a:x && !fx
         silent !chmod a+x %
      elseif !a:x && fx
         silent !chmod a-x %
      if v:shell_error
         echoerr 'Error running chmod: ' . v:shell_error
      autocmd! FileChangedShell <buffer>
   function! _BufChangedCB()
      autocmd! FileChangedShell <buffer>
   command! ToggleXbit if executable(expand("%:p")) | call SetExecutableBit(0) | else | call SetExecutableBit(1) | endif

function! Code()
    setlocal expandtab tabstop=8 softtabstop=4 shiftwidth=4
command! Code call Code()

function! Text()
    setlocal expandtab tabstop=8 softtabstop=3 shiftwidth=3
command! Text call Text()

" ----------
" From

" These options will be kept between editing sessions
" let options = []

" Called automagically after .viminfo and plugins are loaded, sets
" miscellaneous options from persistent global variables
" function! VimEnter()
  " for optname in g:options
  "   let varname = "g:OPT_" . toupper(optname)
  "   if exists(varname)
  "     execute "let &" . optname . " = " . varname
  "   endif
  " endfor

  " if has("gui_running") && exists("g:WINPOSX") && exists("g:WINPOSY")
  "   execute "winpos" g:WINPOSX g:WINPOSY
  " endif
" endfunction

" Called automagically before .viminfo is saved, saves miscellaneous
" options into persistent global variables
" function! VimLeavePre()
  " call filter(g:, 'v:key !~# "^OPT_"')
  " for optname in g:options
  "   let varname = "g:OPT_" . toupper(optname)
  "   execute "let " . varname . " = &g:" . optname
  " endfor

  " if has("gui_running")
  "   let g:WINPOSX = getwinposx()
  "   let g:WINPOSY = getwinposy()
  " endif
" endfunction

" autocmd VimEnter * call VimEnter()
" autocmd VimLeavePre * call VimLeavePre()

" Called automagically after every buffer read, enables fileencoding
" setting from modeline (see Tip #911:
function! AutoEncoding()
  if &modified && &fileencoding != ""
    call SetupEncoding(&fileencoding)
  autocmd! auto-encoding
  augroup! auto-encoding

augroup auto-encoding
autocmd BufWinEnter * call AutoEncoding()
augroup END


" Value of a character under cursor; better than standard '0x%02B (%b)'
function! HexDec()
  let char = matchstr(getline("."), ".", col(".") - 1)
  if g:CONVERT
    let char = iconv(char, &encoding, &fileencoding)
    let format = "0x%02X <%d>"
    let format = "0x%02X (%d)"
  let char = char2nr(char)
  return printf(format, char, char)

if has("iconv")
   " Helper function for :DecodeQP and :DecodeURL commands
   function! DecodeHex(arg)
     return iconv(printf("%c", str2nr(submatch(1), 16)), a:arg, &encoding)

   " Custom completion for encoding names
   function! EncList(ArgLead, CmdLine, CursorPos)
     return filter(split(&fileencodings, ','),
                 \ "strpart(v:val, 0, strlen(a:ArgLead)) == a:ArgLead")

   if version >= 700
   " Command for decoding qp-encoded text
   command! -bar -nargs=? -range -complete=customlist,EncList DecodeQP
          \ <line1>,<line2>s/=\(\x\x\|\n\)/\=DecodeHex(<q-args>)/eg

   " Command for decoding url-encoded text
   command! -bar -nargs=? -range -complete=customlist,EncList DecodeURL
          \ <line1>,<line2>s/%\(\x\x\)/\=DecodeHex(<q-args>)/eg

if has("spell")
   function! SetupSpell()
      if &fileencoding =~ 'ascii'
         setlocal spelllang=en spellfile=~/.vim/spell/en.ascii.add
      elseif &fileencoding == 'koi8-r'
         setlocal spelllang=en,ru spellfile=~/.vim/spell/en.ascii.add,~/.vim/spell/ru.koi8-r.add
      elseif &fileencoding == 'utf-8'
         setlocal spelllang=en,ru spellfile=~/.vim/spell/en.ascii.add,~/.vim/spell/ru.utf-8.add
         setlocal spelllang= spellfile=
   autocmd BufReadPost * call SetupSpell()

   function! SaveSpell()
      if expand('%:p') == expand('~/.vim/spell/en.ascii.add')
         mkspell! -ascii %
         mkspell! %
   autocmd BufWritePost ~/.vim/spell/*.add call SaveSpell()

function! SyntaxName()
  echomsg synIDattr(synID(line("."), col("."), 1), "name")

if has("python")
pyfile ~/.vim/python/

" Custom completion for python expressions
function! CompList(ArgLead, CmdLine, CursorPos)
  python vim_comp_list()

" Python command line calculator
command! -nargs=+ -range -complete=customlist,CompList Calc
       \ <line1>,<line2> python vim_calc(<q-args>)

" Python text range filter
command! -nargs=+ -range -complete=customlist,CompList Pydo
       \ <line1>,<line2> python vim_pydo(<q-args>)

" Display unicode name for the character under cursor
command! Uname python vim_unicode_name()

if has("python3")
py3file ~/.vim/python/

" Custom completion for python expressions
function! CompList(ArgLead, CmdLine, CursorPos)
  python3 vim_comp_list()

" Python command line calculator
command! -nargs=+ -range -complete=customlist,CompList Calc
       \ <line1>,<line2> python3 vim_calc(<q-args>)

" Python text range filter
command! -nargs=+ -range -complete=customlist,CompList Pydo
       \ <line1>,<line2> python3 vim_pydo(<q-args>)

" Display unicode name for the character under cursor
command! Uname python3 vim_unicode_name()

if has("python") || has("python3")
command! UName Uname
" ----------

if v:version >= 800
   function! SetLazyRedraw(timer_id)
      call timer_stop(a:timer_id) " One-time event
      set lazyredraw
   call timer_start(500, 'SetLazyRedraw')

autocmd VimLeave * call writefile([getcwd()], expand('~/tmp/vim/cwd'))

" This has to go to the very end of ~/.vimrc to allow reading the .vimrc
set secure        " safer working with script files in the current directory

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