Name: Oleg Broytman.
Location: Russia, Moscow region.

I am currently NOT looking for a new job

Web servers, web services and Web application servers programming and technical support (Python, SQL, JavaScript).
System/network administration in Unix/DOS/w32 networks.
Unix programming (Python, SQL, shell, Pascal).

Salary: $4000/month for a full-time job.

Telecommuting: I work remotely since 2002 and prefer not to return to an office.

How to contact me:
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Software designer and developer,
System/network administrator,
Application programmer.
Spoken languages:
Russian - native,
English - good reading/writing.
Secondary (high school).
Operating systems:
Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, PC/MS DOS, MS Windows 3.1/95/98/XP/W7.
Programming languages:
Python, SQL, JavaScript, Unix shell/grep/sed/awk, Pascal.
Version/revision control systems:
git, Mercurial (hg), Subversion, CVS, RCS.
Web: web servers, web services, web application servers.
Desktop and server programming: GUI, TUI, command line programs, daemons.
Databases: SQL, OODB (ZODB, Durus), XMLdb (4Suite).
XML: XML, XML Schema, XPath, XSLT, XMLdb (4Suite).
Cryptography: X.509, PKCS#11, RSA, EC (Elliptic curves), GOST.

Professional experience

STCnet "Atlas", SmartTeleMax

Aug 2008 - present
Position: software developer, web application programmer.
Computer platform: IBM PC.
Special hardware: PKCS#11 tokens, ACR38 smart card readers.
Software: Linux, Python, MySQL, PostgreSQL, lxml, IBM MQ, pymqi, 4Suite.
Site: Atlas (, SmartTeleMax (

(Mostly) server-side development of internal web applications (intranet sites).

Bregis, BioChemMack, SIA "ANK"

Aug 2002 - June 2014
Position: senior software developer, application programmer.
Computer platform: IBM PC.
Special hardware: 8x12 microplate readers (Anthos, BioRad, Multiscan, Tecan, Zenyth).
Software: Linux, Python, SQLObject, PostgreSQL, SQLite, wxPython/wxWidgets, py2exe, InnoSetup, MySQL, 4Suite XMLdb.
Sites: Bregis (, BioChemMack (, ANK-SIA (

Developing programs that helps perform ELISA (Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay). Managing a small team of junior programmers. Python/SQL/GUI, drivers for special hardware devices (RS-232 and USB).

National Research Surgery Centre
Russian Academy of Medical Science, Moscow

Dec 1990 - June 2022
Position: Software developer, application programmer, system/network administrator.
Computer platform: IBM PC, Sun UltraSPARC.
Special hardware: surgery monitor MH-4, blood pressure monitors (Capnomac, Multicap, AS3).
Software: Linux, Python, Solaris, PC/MS DOS, MS Windows 2.0/3.0/3.1/95/XP, Borland Pascal, Turbo Assembler.
Site: NRSC (

From 1990 I had been taking part in a large project "Computer monitoring in open-heart surgery": real-time data collection (via ADCs and RS-232), analysis, representation. The project has been productized and is commercially available from NRSC. Design, implementation (including PC/MS DOS multitasking microkernel, user-friendly UI, post-operation storage and representation), support, system administration, web interface to our databases.

Current hobby projects:

I write my own programs and learn other programs as a hobby. Some of these projects grew up to professional level.

My current biggest interest is Python programming language ( I am the maintainer of SQLObject ( - an object-relational mapper for Python. I updated CheetahTemplate ( to work with Python 3 and continue maintaining it.

I was the primary maintainer for PostgreSQL locale-relative patches; they were incorporated into the main source tree at the version 6.5.

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