True story about "phd".

Many people ask me: are your really PhD? No, I'm not even a graduated student!

It was at the time when I just learned first MS-DOS hacks, near the very end of 1989. One day I saw I needed a nick, an "alias" to sign my programs. I decided to use "PhiloSoft Design". The name was too long to name my directories, so I shortened it to "phd". I didn't know that time it means "Ph. Doctor"!

A few years later I learned about "Ph. Doctor". This makes me laugh! I love this alias!! For its ambiguity, too!!!

After that I name all my logins, accounts and home directories "phd".

A few words about the letter "M".

My surname is Broytman, and it consists of two parts: "Broyt" - means "bread" (or, may be, "bright"), and "man". I think the second part is more, much more important. This is why many of my files are named "m*" or "m_*". E.g., a common library may have the name "m_Lib" or "mService". Copyrighted by PhiloSoft Design, of course!

So there...

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