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What are "dotfiles"? Dotfiles are files where programs store user's personal configurations and customizations. Their name derives from the fact that they start with the '.' character which makes them invisible to a typical "ls", keeping them out of sight when you aren't interested.

To see your dotfiles, you can type the following command within your home directory:

ls -lda .??*

Every program can have its own dotfile(s) and there is no standard for how a program author has to structure their program's dotfile- in fact programs are so different that a common style wouldn't make sense. Unfortunately, this means that you have to learn how to configure each program separately; luckily editing dotfiles is usually easy and infrequently necessary.

You may want to look at my dotfiles. You are free to download text version, use them, modify and distribute in original or modified form.

The following dotfiles are available:

.vimrc mentions a number of scripts. These scripts are in bin directory. Plugins are in .vim directory.

Some configuration files from .mc directory: extension file (only my additions) and the user menu. is not exactly a "dotfile", but anyway it is configuration file: startup file for an interactive session. is a Python script that is read via .pdbrc by the pdb Python debugger.

You can find all these files (and many more) in my git repository:
git clone
git clone git://

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