"An unknown sailor came home from the coasts of Orion"

Hello, friend

Welcome to my home page.

His name was Suvlekhim Takatz. My name is Oleg Broytman, and these pages are dedicated to the best poet, composer and performer. And to myself, beloved. Contacts.

I am a computer nerd, a computer geek. I am a hacker - informal, even antiformal creative person! I am not a cracker. I have passions over technology, computers, communication systems. I love to program computers and all kind of programmable devices ranging from videorecorders to cellphones. I love to manage complex computer systems and networks.

See what have happened lately on the shores and more about the site.

Here is my resume and a story why I use nickname phd.

My bookmark file - a list of places on the Net I found interesting. Enjoy the Net with me.

This is not a raw bookmark - I have removed passwords from the file before placing it here. But otherwise it is my real bookmark file. May be a litlle outdated - I am not updating public version every so often. :)

Well, here is my bookmarks, the list of mirrors.

There is a Software House on the Coasts of Orion. My public GPG key.

There are some texts and fun texts in the library.

Welcome to the Russian Village on the Coasts of Orion.

See the sitemap or search the Coasts of Orion.

Programmers don't die, they just GOSUB without RETURN.

Paraphrasing Ozzy Osbourne: "I see you, I see you on the other site"

Oleg Broytman <>

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